PON Call 2014-2020

PON Ricerca e Innovazione 2014-2020
Fundend by European Union NextGenerationEU
Ministero dell'Università e della Ricerca

funded by European Union - NextGenerationEU

PhDs on Innovation-related and Green-related topics: new funds from PON Ricerca e Innovazione 2014-2020

With Ministerial Decree 10 August 2021, n. 1061, new ESF REACT-EU resources have been assigned for active and accredited PhD programs within the XXXVII cycle and for national doctoral programs.

In particular, action IV.4 of the Program aims to promote research activity on the themes of innovation, digital and enabling technologies and, at the same time, to support the enhancement of human capital, as a determining factor for development. of research and innovation in Italy.
Action IV.5, on the other hand, has the objective of enhancing the human capital to be engaged in PhD programs on topics oriented to the conservation of the ecosystem, biodiversity, the reduction of the impacts of climate change and the promotion of Sustainable Development.
The research activities must also be consistent with the lines defined in the SNSI and in the NRP to encourage the spread of an approach open to innovation and greater interchange between the world of research and the world of production. 

The three-year rPhD programmes take place according to the terms established by the University regulations in compliance with the timing of the PhD programes of the XXXVII cycle.


file pdfCall and Annex A - PON R&I 2014-2020
Issude with Rector'sl Decree n. 1261 on October, 13rd 2021
0.95 M

Candidates in possession of the following requirements, regardless of age or nationality, may apply to participate in the competition:

  • "Laurea specialistica" or "laurea magistrale" (second cycle degree);
  • or degree awarded under the system ("ordinamento") in place prior to the one introduced by Ministerial Decree (D.M.) no. 509 of 03 November 1999, amended by Ministerial Decree (D.M.) no. 270 of 22 October 2004;
  • or second-level academic qualification ("titoli accademici di secondo livello") awarded by institutions belonging to the AFAM ("Alta Formazione Artistica e Musicale") sector;
  • or a Master's degree awarded abroad, recognised as such in advance solely for the purpose of admission to the competition. The foreign academic qualification must allows enrollment in a PhD programme in the country of achievement.

Applications from students already enrolled in PhD Programmes of the Ca' Foscari University of Venice or, in case of Inter-University PhD programme, in the Universities affiliated will not be considered valid.

Those who are preparing for a degree can make application by the deadline, as long as they obtain the qualification by October 31st, 2021.

By November 2nd, 2021, the candidates who are preparing for a degree are requested to communicate the qualification to the PhD Office by e-mail, to  phd.application@unive.it

The University will exclude those candidate who do not communicate either the graduation date or the final mark within the limits laid down, or who submit uncompleted, incorrect or misdelivered statements.

All PhD students are required to have certified English proficiency at least B2 level at the time of enrolment, except for the possibility of acquiring it subsequently, but and not later than April 30th 2022, otherwise they will be excluded from the PhD programme.

More information at B2 level of English language page.

The PhD Degree is open to a limited number of students. More details on constraints, obligations and requirements for each scholarship can be found in Annex A to the Call.

Total Scholarships avaiable: 31

  • Innovation-related Topics (Action IV.4) - 4 Scholarships
  • Green-related Topics (Action IV.5) - 27 Scholarships

Below are the scholarships available for each PhD programme. The PhD scholarships are all subject-specific and provide for a period of compulsory study and research in the company from a minimum of six (6) months to a maximum of twelve (12) months, pursuant to what the provisions contained in Annex A.

To apply, choose the PhD programme and click on the relative link. You can apply to more than one PhD programme, make different application.

Law, Market And Person (2 Scholarships)

Green-related Topics (Action IV.5)

  1. Green and Digital: perspectives on the upcoming Jobs
  2. The banking contribution to the "green" transition with a focus on the regulatory framework on lending

Philosophy and Educational Science (1 Scholarship)

Green-related Topics (Action IV.5)

  1. Political thought and green transition, between history of political thought, environmental political theory

Computer Science (2 Scholarships)

Innovation-related Topics (Action IV.4)

  1. Requirement specification and static analysis of robotic software

Green-related Topics (Action IV.5)

  1. Intelligent dashboard for analysis and management of the impacts of climate change in the marine-coastal areas

Italian Studies (2 Scholarships)

Green-related Topics (Action IV.5)

  1. Literature’s place within green transitioning practices: ethic, foresight, reception
  2. How to Avert the Apocalypse. Confronting Climate Crises through Literature and the Arts (2000-2021)

Modern Languages, Cultures And Societies, And Linguistics (3 Scholarships)

Innovation-related Topics (Action IV.4)

  1. Multi-modality for All. Automatic subtitling and transcription in a human-centered approch
  2. Development of web client applications to improve access and value of cultural heritage objects through distributed resources (digital libraries and virtual museums)

Green-related Topics (Action IV.5)

  1. For a model of ecocriticism. Reading two rivers in Italy and South America

Science And Technology Of Bio And Nanomaterials (8 Scholarships)

Green-related Topics (Action IV.5)

  1. Integrated approach for the biorefining of food waste into biomolecules and biopolymers for cosmetic and nutraceutical use
  2. 3D cell crops for the sustainable production of in vitro fish intended for human consumption
  3. New Green multifunctional materials for the protection of Cultural Heritage
  4. Organoids: a promising solution for the sustainable production of fish feed
  5. Eco-friendly and sustainable production of biodegradable pharmaceutical biomolecules ("green pharma") using a novel key enabling technology based on genetically modified yeasts
  6. Biodegradable electronic packaging and sensors from biowaste upgrading
  7. Multiphisics simulations for energy efficient Wide Bandgap semiconductors traction inverter for full electric vehicles
  8. Development of nutraceutical formulations with green technology based on supercritical CO2

Environmental Sciences (9 Scholarships)

Green-related Topics (Action IV.5)

  1. Definition of models of ecological intensification in agroecosystems for pest control and the prevention of crop plant damage
  2. Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment (LCSA) of innovative and green alternatives
  3. New approaches to the assessment and management of chemical pollutants in groundwaters
  4. Salute-environmental sustainability and enhancement of ecocenters. removal of pollutants and recycling of waste water
  5. Development of new plasters for the conservation of architectural heritage
  6. Removal of perfluoroalkyl compounds in wastewater through the use of microalgae (repema)
  7. Integrated screening techniques for monitoring of pesticides in biological and environmental matrices (SCREEN-FIT)
  8. Tannery sludge valorization through bio-conversion into platform chemicals and biodegradable polymers
  9. Urban organic waste valorization through biotechnological processes for biogas and biodegradable polymers

Ancient Heritage Studies (3 Scholarships)

Innovation-related Topics (Action IV.4)

  1. Variant Readings and Linked Open Data

Green-related Topics (Action IV.5)

  1. Ancient ecosystems: archeozoology in the Venice lagoon in the Middle Ages
  2. Paleoenvironmental investigations on vegetables remains from archaeological contexts of the lagoons

Asian and African Studies (1 Scholarship)

Green-related Topics (Action IV.5)

  1. Resilence and Agriculture in Swat (1000 CE-today). Double-crop, altitude and climatic challenges in a multilingual environment (RAS)

Here you find the compositions of the single and interdisciplinary Examination Board:

  1. Ms. Professor Maria Del Valle Ojeda Calvo (President)
  2. Ms. Professor Laura De Giorgi
  3. Ms.Professor Roberta Dreon
  4. Ms. Professor Michela Signoretto
  5. Mr. Professor Francesco Zirpoli
  • Mr. Professor Daniele Baglioni - Consultant for scholarships for Italian Studies PhD
  • Mr. Professor Enrico Bertuzzo - Consultant for scholarships for Enviromental Sciences PhD
  • Mr. Professor Enric Bou Maqueda - Consultant for scholarships for Modern Languages, Cultures and Societies and Linguistics PhD
  • Mr. Professor Agostino Cortesi - Consultant for scholarships for Computer Sciences PhD
  • Mr. Professor Patrick Heinrich - Consultant for scholarships for Asian and African Studies PhD
  • Ms. Professor Claudia Irti - Consultant for scholarships for Law, Market and Person PhD
  • Mr. Professor Luigi Perissinotto - Consultant for scholarships for Philosophy and Educational Sciences PhD
  • Mr. Professor Filippomaria Pontani - Consultant for scholarships for Ancient Heritage Studies PhD
  • Mr. Professor Alberto Vomiero - Consultant for scholarships for Science and Technology of Bio and Nanomaterials PhD

Final list of qualified candidates

As indicated in the Call for Application, are eligible only candidates with minimum admission score of 60/100 points.

Within November, 15th 2021, admitted candidates must complete the online enrolment procedure, as indicated at Article 10 of the Call for application and. Upon acceptance of the PhD place with a PON scholarship, admitted candidates must also complete the declaration of acceptance of the PON scholarship which can be downloaded here.

In case of waiver, the candidate is required to notify via e-mail to  postlauream@unive.it by November, 15th 2021. Once this deadline  has  elapsed  without  any  explicit  notification  of  waiver  being  received,  the  candidate  will  in  any  case  be considered withdrawing.

For more information read Art. 10 of the Call or ask to Settore Carriere Post Lauream (e-mail:  postlauream@unive.it).

Scholarships are offered subject to confirmation of the funding by the Ministry, which is expected approximately by January 2022.

The candidates admitted are required to develop the theme of the research indicated by the scholarship during the course of their studies.

For the PON R&I 2014-2020 scholarship holder it is not possible to renounce the scholarship and continue the PhD programme.

Last update: 26/05/2023