Expense reimbursement for mobility

Starting from the first year, all PhD students enrolled at PhD courses after passing public selection process at Ca’ Foscari are entitled to an annual budget of € 1.624,30 for national and international research activities, the so-called 10% budget.

For PhD scholarship holder of Foreign State countries, the 10% annual budget is not provided.
For Incoming Joint Research PhD Thesis students, the 10% annual budget is not provided, unless the Department of the PhD Program does not allocate appropriate funds in its budget.

Regarding international mobility, scholarship holders may apply for both the scholarship elevation and the use of their 10% budget.

National and international mobility must always be previously authorized by PhD Coordinator.

PhD students who carry out research activities out of Ca' Foscari can benefit from reimbursement for board and lodging expenses by presenting a lump-sum taxed refund or a request supported by proofs of purchase and receipts.

The amount and type of contribution are defined by the Teaching Board of the PhD course.

All indications regarding eligible expenses, spending limits and online procedures are listed in the "PhD students individual budget vademecum / Handbook for the reimbursement of expenses ".


The request must be exclusively made online, logging in with personal credentials [username (ie: 123456) and password (ie: ABCD12FG)], with a procedure similar to the request for elevation of the scholarship.

Please, click on "Nuova Richiesta", fill up the fields (make sure you click the "Mobilità Studenti" voice on the "Tipo di Richiesta" area), then follow all the steps provided in the various screens till the authorization request. This is to be submitted to the Coordinator of your PhD program (please choose the correct one from the drop-down menu).

The authorization of PhD Office will take place after the approval of the PhD coordinator.

Within 15 days of completion of the activity, the student must fill out the request for entering the balance of the amount authorized in "Le Mie Richieste" and closing the application.

The original documentation must be delivered to PhD Office in one of the following ways:

  • by hand, to the offices of the PhD Office, during opening hours (Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10 to 12);
  • by post to the following address: Università Ca' Foscari - PhD Office, San Sebastiano Dorsoduro 1686, 30123 Venezia.

On the purposed of the reimbursement, only signed originals are valid. Emails or PECs are not accepted.

Please, see the PhD students individual budget vademecum /Handbook for the reimbursement of expenses for the proper completion of the practice.

Any student who conducts his/her research, training and studies in a foreign university or a foreign research body, will officially be recognized for a 50% increase in the scholarship, under authorization by the Teaching Committee of the PhD Programme. The maximum length of time spent abroad is 12 months for 3 years PhD programmes (extendible till 18 months in case of Cotutelle agreements) and 18 months for 4 years PhD programmes.

Down payment on the increased scholarships

The increased scholarship amount is 80% of total: the increased scholarship amount will be paid in conjunction with the first instalment

The student must fill out the enclosed application exclusively online by logging in with his credentials [username (ie: 123456) and password (ie: ABCD12FG)] .

Must click on "Nuova richiesta" (page 1 of the Guide), fill in the fields provided, and then follow all the steps provided in the various screens (pages 2-3-4-5 of the Guide).

At this early stage, there is no need that the student should send copies of travel documents. It is advisable to get a printout of the application (page 6 of the Guide) submitted to its memory.

The application, duly completed, will then be approved or rejected, always online, by the Coordinator.

The status of the application will always be visible by the student turning to "Mie richieste".

Extension of research period abroad

In case of extension of the period of stay abroad, the student must fill out a new application (Nuova richiesta) by entering as start date the day after the end date stated in the first application. Warning: the first application must be previously closed by request the scholarship increase. 

Balance of scholarship increase

Within 30 days of returning to Italy, the student must request the scholarship increase and completing the original application which is on "Mie Richieste" (pages 7-8-9-10 of the Guide)

At the end, the student must print the application, sign it and send it to PhD Office, together with copies of all travel documents require (page 11 of the Guide).

The documentation can be delivered to PhD Office, one of the following ways:

  • By hand to PhD Office (only at Tuesday and Thursday from 10 to 12 am);
  • Sent by fax, together with a copy of the student's identity card to   +39 041 234 7379 ;
  • Sent by e-mail (file extension pdf),together with a copy of the student's identity card, to:  phd.office@unive.it;
  • Mailed by post, together with a copy of the student's identity document to: Ufficio Dottorato di Ricerca, Università Ca' Foscari, San Sebastiano, Dorsoduro 1686, 30123, Venice (Italy)

All the travel documents (return tickets, boarding cards, receipts for expenses incurred in the country where the research study took place) must be kept until the end of the doctoral programme for any possible auditing.

Last update: 26/05/2023