Online learning

Ca’ Foscari University promotes the adoption of e-learning methodologies to facilitate access to studies and to encourage integration and the dissemination of knowledge.

The activities in e-learning provide support to students and their active involvement. 

MOOC - Massive Online Open Courses

Cultural and popular on-line training activities that are not included in University teaching and therefore do not issue credits.

The activities, usually lasting 4-6 weeks, are free and open to all, and are divided into weekly sections that provide video lessons, documents and resources, forums, collaborative activities, homework and tests of different types.

Upon completion of the activities you will receive a certificate of participation.

Are entirely offered online through Eduopen platform.

credits: Avezzù

Curricular courses online

Studenti a CFZ

These are included in the education offer through university credits (CFU). Are entirely offered online through the e-learning platform of the university.

The credits are earned after passing the exam and are aimed at students of Ca’ Foscari, but may also be open to the general public at the teachers discretion. In this case the external persons may aquire credits by enrolling at Ca’ Foscari for single courses and carrying out the examination.

You can log on to the platform using your personal Ca’ Foscari credentials, or by registering as an external user.

Blended courses

These are part of educational offerings from the University and are completed partly online and partly at the University. They are revolved around our Bachelor's and Master's degree students and issue credits upon completion of an exam.

Are offered online through the e-learning platform of the university.


Ca’ Foscari adheres to the Eduopen project. EduOpen is a network of universities that offer college-level courses.
Attendance is open to all - even to non-college students - and is free. Upon completion of the activities you can acquire various levels of awards or certificates: attendance certificate, verified certificate or Credits (CFU).
All those who complete a course will also receive a Digital Badge issued by CINECA bestr platform.


Last update: 17/05/2022