Teaching and learning activities in September: the message of the Rector

In a message to Ca' Foscari's community, the Rector, Tiziana Lippiello, shares information regarding the resumption of in-person teaching and learning activities and the use of the dual mode.

"In September (starting on September 6 for the linguistic area and on September 13 for all other areas) classes will be held in person, as we firmly believe that only being in class allows students and teachers to converse and exchange ideas, which is a fundamental value of the university experience. Exam sessions will also be held in person, in the ways explained in the programme of each course for the academic year 2021/2022," the Rector wrote. 

Teaching and learning activities: in-person and dual modes, depending on the course of the epidemic

The Rector stated, "If the measures that are about to be divulged by the Italian Government or changes in the course of the epidemic require that we limit the number of people in the classrooms, laboratories and experiential activities will be carried out only in person. For all other teaching and learning activities, the dual mode will be adopted: this way, the students who cannot participate in person will be able to follow classes online with live streaming. Lessons will be designed mainly for the students in the classroom, while other content and services may be available to the students who are participating online, thanks to the support of professors, teaching assistants or tutors who will facilitate interaction. For students who must participate in compulsory classes, schedules and shifts will be planned in order to favour in-person participation."

Additional services to support learning 

"Moreover, some specific and certified categories of students are entitled to dedicated services for the entire duration of their studies. This is meant to facilitate their inclusion and to extend possibilities for students, regardless of the health emergency," the Rector stated.

"These categories include: working students; students who are caring for non-self-sufficient family members; students with critical health conditions (who cannot attend lessons in person because due to serious health conditions or certified immune deficiency); students who are simultaneously enrolled in Ca’ Foscari and in other institutions, as provided by law; student-athletes; students with disabilities or learning disabilities. People in these situations will have access to specific teaching and learning materials (such as video lessons) or to material that will be sourced from what is already available, as well as to tutoring services. Moreover, during the first semester of the academic year 2021/2022, international students will also have access to these services and be allowed to take exams online and to graduate online."

Graduation Days 

The Rector stated that the university is working towards the possibility of celebrating Graduation Days in Piazza San Marco, provided that the health situation is favourable.

Living and studying in Venice

"In order to facilitate living at university and in-person teaching and learning, we are continuing to make investments in buildings that are increasingly functional and suited to university life," the Rector wrote.

"From September, the Scientific Campus in Mestre will include Epsilon, a new building which will also offer new study rooms. In September a new student residence designed specifically for university students will open in San Giobbe, Venice, providing rooms for 229 people as well as spaces for studying and socialising. We are also in the process of completing two additional study rooms in Cannaregio, in the former Falegnameria Bozzola — we will keep you informed."

Scholarships and financial aid

The Rector reminded students of the various options for scholarships and incentives to support them during their studies, such as exemptions and reduction of fees, student loans, prizes for outstanding dissertations, and student collaborations. 


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