AlmaLaurea report: high employment rate and experiences abroad

AlmaLaurea, the Interuniversity Consortium established in 1994, has published its 23rd Report on the Profile and Employment Rate of graduates. The report examines the 76 universities in the consortium. 

5.532 Ca’ Foscari graduates were interviewed on their Profile and 8.590 were interviewed on Employment. The data confirms Ca’ Foscari’s strengths, given that the university has obtained results higher than average in employment rate, internships, and experiences abroad

The average age upon graduation is 24.9 years – this is just below the national average of 25.8. Moreover, 68% of graduates finish their studies on time (the national average is 58.4%).

89.3% of graduates are satisfied with their relationship with teaching staff and 88.9% are satisfied with the overall university experience.   

Internships and experiences abroad 

The percentage of graduates who did an internship that was recognised as part of their course of study is 79,6%, higher than the national average at 57.6%.

23.5% of graduates participated in a study abroad programme (with the Erasmus programme being the most popular), while the national average is 11.3%.


Graduates, a year after graduating

66.0% of graduates decide to continue their studies at a postgraduate level. 

Among those who decide not to continue their studies, the employment rate a year after graduation is 57.3% (the national average is 69%).

Postgraduates, one and five years after graduating 

Among postgraduates of 2019 who were interviewed one year after graduating, the employment rate is 71.9% (the national average is 68.1%). 

Among postgraduates interviewed five years after graduating, the employment rate is 91.4% (the national average is 87.7%). 



Author: Federica Ferrarin / Translator: Joangela Ceccon