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Ca’ Foscari School for International Education: everything you need to know

Are you an international student who is considering studying at Ca’ Foscari? Are you getting ready to join us in Venice on an exchange programme? 

We know that moving abroad is an exciting and challenging prospect. Your international adventure will be much more rewarding and enjoyable if you have all the support you need. 

True to its international heritage and spirit, Ca’ Foscari welcomes students from all over the world, on exchange programmes (Erasmus, Overseas), or through international partnerships such as Marco Polo/Turandot, and for undergraduate and graduate degrees.  

Would you like to join our international community of students, researchers and teachers? The School for International Education (SIE) will support you as you embark on a new journey in the breathtaking city of Venice. Read on to find out about everything SIE has to offer. 

SIE: an international environment all about education

SIE offers a variety of university-level courses for exchange students, as well as a Foundation Year to prepare students who wish to pursue an undergraduate degree in Italy. 

The School is proud to introduce students to Italian heritage: discover the Italian language by taking Italian language classes; learn about Italian history and culture; experience living in Venice and explore its lagoon. 

SIE also organises Summer Schools in partnership with prestigious universities, such as Harvard University, Princeton University and Columbia University of New York. SIE’s Summer Schools have been hugely successful with Italian and international students for over fifteen years. 

SIE’s courses for exchange students: something for everyone

Are you an international exchange student? Ca’ Foscari offers a variety of courses in English and courses of Italian as a foreign language for international exchange students: you can add any of these courses to your learning agreement. 

Choose the courses that most suit your interests: be it history (History of Venice, History of Italian Culture and Literature), art history (Venetian Art and Archaeology, History and Design of Glass in Venice), politics (Contemporary Political Issues in Italy), science (The Ecosystem of the Venice Lagoon), culture (Italian Culture and Made in Italy, Introduction to Classics) or language (Introduction to Italian Language), Ca’ Foscari is bound to have something for you. 

Parli italiano? Learn Italian and certify your level with SIE 

In 2021/2022, international students who are pursuing a degree at Ca’ Foscari can sign up for free Italian language classes in two sessions during the academic year. 

SIE’s popular Italian language courses are available for all levels (A1-C2), in three sessions during the academic year, as well as during an intensive summer course. At the end of the course, you can sit an exam and prove your level thanks to a CILS certificate (Certificate of Italian as a Foreign Language).  

Students who participate in a Marco Polo/Turandot programme can benefit from a 10-month Italian language course, divided into 4 modules and supported by language laboratories that focus on listening, reading and writing. 

Ca’ Foscari Foundation Year: your ticket to an undergraduate degree in Italy

Our Foundation Year is a programme that prepares international students for undergraduate studies in Italy. If you need to reach the minimum number of years of schooling required by Italian standards, this programme is exactly what you need. 

Students follow a general curriculum which includes courses on modern Italian history, critical thinking and academic skills. You can then personalise your course by choosing one of four Study Tracks – Humanities, Economics and Management, Science, or Architecture Art and Design (in collaboration with Iuav) – and selecting the English or Italian language module which is most appropriate for you. 

SIE Summer Schools: waiting for 2022 

The School has been offering very popular Summer Schools, together with other prestigious international universities, for over fifteen years. Would you like to join SIE in summer 2022? Keep your eyes peeled for more information regarding the opportunities that are in store for you!

So what are you waiting for? Have a look at the School International Education homepage and discover everything that SIE has to offer. 

We look forward to welcoming you at Ca’ Foscari! 

Joangela Ceccon